Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dr Boyce Watkins: Is Actually Free?

5 months ago I signed up for the "free" credit report. Little did I know that I would be charged 1.00 per month on aservicecalled "Your Savings Club" which they automatically sign you up. Also they charge you another 1.00 per month as well as 30.00 for "CREDITDIAGNOS". In addition it is your regular charge of 11.95 for "CIC*Credit Monitor". So because I didn't cancel in time, my "FREE" credit report cost me 214.75.

Justin of Lawndale, CA June 10, 2009 requires you to enter yourinformationin BEFORE it discloses its terms and conditions. Upon reading all the terms and conditions I simply closed my web browser. I did not click on "agree" to terms and conditions and I did not click on either "no, just give me my free credit report" or "yes, I would like my 27 three credit reports" I simply closed the window.

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