Wednesday, October 6, 2010

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  1. What is the future of hip hop? I talked to the founder of about it here: 12 hours ago via web
    • Here's the clip of us on CNBC - this is a debate I had with someone from Bush Administration, Press Secretary: 16 hours ago via web
      • I'll be on CNBC at 11:30 am today if you'd like to see it.about 23 hours ago via web
        • Al Sharpton and I discuss the firing of Rick Sanchez from CNN: PM Oct 4th via web
          • Is TI being treated differently from Lindsay and Paris? AM Oct 4th via web
            • It's good to see that Obama is changing around the Oval Office: AM Oct 4th via web
              • Why did CNN fire Rick Sanchez for speaking out against racism? It happens to us all the time: PM Oct 3rd via web
                • Read the lawsuit against Bishop Eddie Long: PM Sep 30th via web
                  • Acid in face hoax woman pleads guilty: PM Sep 29th via web
                    • Eddie Long accuser says sex happened on church grounds: PM Sep 29th via web
                      • Meet Dr. Boyce Watkins on MSN's "The Invested Life": AM Sep 29th via web
                        • Eddie Long accuser calls him a monster and a predator - amazing video: PM Sep 28th via web
                          • Anderson Cooper embarrassed the heck out of the CBC and Eddie Bernice Johnson: PM Sep 28th via web
                            • Black leaders are quiet about Bishop Eddie Long: PM Sep 28th via web
                              • Rev. Sharpton and I are discussing Eddie Long. He has an interesting perspective. Sharptontalk.net10:55 AM Sep 27th via web
                                • Bishop Eddie Long addresses his congregation: AM Sep 26th via web
                                  • Former NBA star might be going to prison: PM Sep 25th via web
                                    • Poll: less than half of African Americans think Bishop Eddie Long is gay - AM Sep 25th via web
                                      • Bishop Eddie Long to step down as pastor on Sunday: PM Sep 24th via web
                                        • I am standing against accused racist Joe Price who wants to be Sheriff here in Syracuse - suspicious deaths of black people under his watch6:20 AM Sep 24th via web

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